Blacky is a sweet girl that has had a rough start in life. She’s beautiful!

Blacky was found in the streets of Cancun and she was taken in. We knew something was wrong with her and we discovered she’s a distemper survivor!

Distemper is a very common illness here that claims the lives of many puppies. While easily avoidable with vaccination, most people do not do it and that’s why a lot of strays, but also owned dogs, end up sick. Blacky was lucky and survived, but now she shows the consequences of her little body fighting the illness. She has a tick, and we call her our dancing girl. She unconsciously moves one of her front legs, and while it doesn’t affect her running, walking, playing, and having a normal life, she will need a family that understands her.

Apart from that, she’s a blast! She’s playful but also chill, super loyal, and she will be an amazing dog one day!

Please note that Whity does not fit carry-on luggage so has to fly checked (in the belly of the plane), and not all airlines fly checked dogs at the moment (due to Covid restrictions). Contact us for more information.