Animals ready for their forever home

Since 2001 Alison Sawyer and Isla Animals have been rehabilitating and re-homing dogs. It’s one of the most satisfying parts of animal rescue.

The dogs we took into my home and now take into the clinic often have health or behavioral problems. Some of the puppies are so weak that their whole system has to catch up before any individual issues can be resolved. And some of the dogs have been so abused or neglected that they need a lot of time to feel secure before we can deal with their problem behaviors.

But when they come around it makes it all that much more incredible. I’ve had dogs that wouldn’t look at any one for 4 months but with consistent love and care they have came full circle. And seeing these animals get ready and go into forever loving homes is worth the wait!

See our FAQ – Everything you need to know about adopting for details on how you can bring your puppy to their forever home 🙂