What we do

Isla Animals does whatever is needed.

Spay and neuter is our main purpose, but along with that we never leave a puppy in the street. We distribute supplies like vaccinations and parasite medicines, and the education on why this is so important.

Why we are necessary

  • There is an over population of un-sterilized, un-wanted animals who live in the streets and are neglected, abused, starved and considered a threat to the community’s health.
  • Education is needed.  A mangy starving dog is the norm and this has distorted the expectations of the community.
  • Puppies are everywhere and given to children as toys.  They’re not expected to survive and rarely do in these conditions.  Therefor adopting a puppy does not represent a commitment.
  • There are no veterinarians in this area.  Most people cannot afford a car and sadly taxi’s won’t pick up passengers with dogs.  Therefor most of the animals are never vaccinated or treated for internal and external parasites.
  • The average dog is skinny, mangy, tick and flea infested and not welcome inside the home.  Therefor even owned dogs are subject to the same conditions as the street dogs.

What we do about it

  • Free spay and neuter
  • Offer low cost or free vaccinations
  • Offer low cost or free parasite and skin medicine
  • Take puppies off the street, treat them and re-home them
  • Encourage owner participation in all the services that we offer
  • Distribute free food when possible
  • Teach people what IS available to improve the health of the animals.

Upcoming projects: Rancho Viejo Annual Spay / Neuter Campaign

Our 7th Annual Spay & Neuter Campaign will be November 14 – 18, 2019. We need all the help we can get. Please consider making a donation or coming to beautiful Isla Mujeres, Mexico to help us hands on!
Click here for more information and to make a donation.
Together we can make a BIG DIFFERENCE

Our Stats

Why Spay & Neuter is needed

Dog Statistics:

The average number of litters a fertile dog can have a year: 2
The average number of puppies per litter: 8
Thus, in 6 years, 1 dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies

What keeps these numbers from being astounding is that only 1/4 of those puppies actually survive because of the environment they are born into. This is what we are working to prevent.

Cat Statistics:

The average number of litters a fertile cat can have a year: 3
The average number of kittens per litter: 5
Thus, in 7 years, 1 cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 kittens

In the past years thousands of cats and dogs have been spayed or neutered on Isla Mujeres. This represents an astronomical number of unwanted births avoided! While science continues to work on an easier fix, surgical spay and neuter has proven to be effective.

Isla Animals offers FREE spay & neuter every Thursday at our clinic.