Chanti is the little sweetheart of this litter. She’s the tiniest and gets bullied sometimes, but she’s all the love from visitors and volunteers.

She is quite something special, as you can see with her lovely smile. She will be medium size and she’ll be perfect for anyone looking for a loving dog and who has the time to cuddle with her.

Chanti had a rough start in life. She was rescued with her 6 siblings from the streets of Cancun and was in bad shape. They all had bad skin and we have been working very hard to get them healthy and pretty again.

She’s now learning to live the Isla life and enjoying feeling safe and loved. No more fighting for food for this little one!

Chanti and her siblings will be ready for adoption in January 2021. For now, you can come by our shelter in Mundaca and enjoy a cuddle with this sweet girl.