Ellie is a four-month puppy with loads of energy and so much love to give! As all puppies, she’s very playful, but she also loves learning new tricks and you can’t help to laugh at her funny faces or melt when she looks at you with the sweetest eyes.

Ellie is a friendly pup. Smart as a whip and eager to please. She’s lively! When she isn’t eating or sleeping she is exploring her world with tail wagging a mile a minute. She loves to play. The big dogs love her. It’s adorable to see her wrestling with friends three times bigger than she is.

She loves to be loved. Has the softest coat! Took a while to get her to give kisses instead of nibbles but she’s finally got it. She still has her milk teeth so she’s in love with chew toys.

Such a bundle of joy.

Ellie is staying with one of our best fostering families and now she’s totally ready to go to her fur-ever home!