Jack has been returned to us!!!! And this is why we rarely do local adoptions! People want puppies and when they grow they give us the most ridiculous excuses. Jack is now 9 months, too big to travel carry on but still a playful pup! He has had little training but he’s healthy and we are committed to make him happy and find him the best home where he will feel safe and never been unloved again!

Jack may be a bit shy first, he wiggles his tail and wants to get close to you and he may pee out of fear. We don’t really know what happened to him. He was adopted to a family with children and we think kids may not have been supervised on how they interacted with Jack, doing who knows what that left him a bit nervous. Good thing is that he is not aggressive and has a lot of potential to get over his past experiences!

For Jack we want a home without children under the age of 16.

Here he is now!

Jack is the sweetest puppy. He came to us with his siblings and mommy. They were rescued in Puerto Morales and when we saw them, we couldn’t say no to them! They are cute!

Jack’s mom is about 13 kilos and we believe he is very similar to her mommy.

He will be ready for adoption from March 1st.

Jack and his siblings will be at Mundaca from Feb 26th. Come play with them!