Mama Bea

Mama Bea

Mama Bea is one of the seven Westies we got from the island. Their owner passed away and we were happy to help. All doggies were very healthy and in good shape but we had to bathe them a few times and shave them (their fur will grow again!)

These dogs are West Highland White Terriers.  All adults of different ages.

NOTE: Westies as a breed are NOT friendly with cats. Also, these doggies have been through a lot in their lives, so they will need patience and love. We would prefer them in a house with no large dogs. They seem comfortable with dogs their size, or single dog homes. 

These dogs are carry on, meaning they can fly, however since they are larger than normal carry on dogs we send, we would prefer adopters to take them or experienced flight angels.


Mama Bea is sweet and friendly, she has had many litters of puppies and is now ready to chill and enjoy life.