Mani is the sweetest more loving dog ever. She came from our friends in the rescue in Holbox and we can’t be happier to have her here! She’s a senior but behaves like a puppy! She loves other dogs and people and we are hoping for a family that has another dog for her to play with!

Mani loves cuddles and kisses and she’s such a lap dog! She loves sleeping curled up with us and she just loves people.

Mani is a bit older, she’s about 9, but most of the time she acts like a puppy, loves her toys, and playing with other dogs her size and also bigger.

We are looking for the perfect family for this girl, someone with time and lots of love to give her. She thrives with attention and cuddles and love, and we really want someone who would have lots of time for her and can have her making company, she’s also the type of doggie that will hang by your side while working. She is totally perfect!

Oh, and she loves belly rubs!