Just the most beautiful thing in the world

Papita was rescued during our Spay and Neuter campaign in Rancho Viejo. She came in with her mom, both spastic, loving creatures! Mommy left a while back, found her place in the world. Little Papita stayed with us longer as we want to make sure she goes to the perfect home!

Papita is mostly pee pad trained, no leash training at the moment as we are avoiding exposing her to the streets yet here. Papita is not used to sleeping on the bed as she needs potty breaks during the night, she is happy with her little step brother sleeping on a cushy bed in the main room.

Papita is fully vaccinated, will soon be sterilized, has been regularly dewormed and has also a rabies vaccine. She has ben tested for common illnesses on the island, and she is negative for all.


Papita is about 3/4 months old, just under 2 kg of cuteness…. but do not be deceived…. she is a bundle of craziness! Papita is not just hyper, she defines the standards for hyper! She will need loads of exercise (yes, small dogs do need that too!) She jumps, runs, climbs, chews on socks, and when you get home you will have to spend at least 15 minutes loving on her, letting her bite your nose and kiss you all over. She believes sometimes she is a parrot!

Papita has very short fur, and a bit of oily skin, so we bathe her regularly with medicated shampoo.

Papita, based on her mom, will grow to be around 7kg, long legs and extreme energy. We believe there is some Chihuahua there but also some Italian Greyhound? Her mom looked like a dog that would have belonged to an Egyptian goddess.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR PAPITA’S ADOPTION: (applications that do not meet these will not be considered)

  • A household without children under 14yo
  • A house with other small dogs (ideally young or extremely active that will keep up with Papita’s energy)
  • Fenced yard or secured area (she is SMALL)
  • We will be checking references for her adoption so please specify emails/numbers on the application
  • We will be checking your veterinary history, so please specify your current/past veterinary provider and how to contact them.
  • Suggested adoption fee donation is 350 dollars, anything over that goes to help a lot more puppies from the streets (this does NOT include the airline fee)

Please, make sure to include all of this in your application, or it will not be considered. Thank you!!!!