Simba & Mufasa

Simba & Mufasa

These two kittens were rescues in the Guadalupana neighborhood when they were just a week old, their eyes were closed and they were in desperate need of care, food, and love.

We knew they were going to be gorgeous, and we were right!

This is Simba:

He is very outgoing and curious. He loves exploring the world and learning new things!

And this is Mufasa:

He is a bit shier and more cautious approaching new things and new people. But once he knows you, he is as cuddly as his brother!

Simba and Mufasa are brothers and have always lived together. We would love to see them get adopted together, though we are open to considering separate adoptions.

They are in search of their forever home! And promise to add laughter to your life!!