Stan is a handsome boy with a loving foster family…. this is what they have to say:

Legend has it that Stan used to have a family, but they haven’t been seen by anyone or Stan for quite some time.  At first Stan used our front porch as shelter in the evening, then we began to feed him each night.  After a few weeks we saw Stan had some wounds from being on the street, so we alerted our local shelter.  They picked him up, ensured he was fine and gave him a full check-up and some spa treatment too.  In doing this they reached out to us to foster Stan.  We of course said yes!!  When Stan arrived, he was very timid and shy, but his personality began to shine a few days into this time in our home.  He just needed some love, cuddles and safe space.  Our other dog and him get along well, in fact Stan initiates play time several times a day.  The vets believes he’s between 4 and 5 years old, the same age as our dog, but I can tell you that he definitely has more energy than our boy.

Stan walks well on a leash, but we found a harness works best.  He’s mostly potty trained, but he’s made great progress.  I think we may miss his subtle and gentle way of telling us he needs to go outside as he acclimates to being indoors versus roaming the streets.  He’s very affectionate, smart, aware and is very grateful to have somewhere safe to sleep with plenty of food/water.

Stan loves:  Sleeping in bed, going for walks, eating, cuddles, dinnertime, playtime, giving playful nibbles/kisses, laying in the sun, and alerting us when someone comes to the door.

We think Stan would fit into a household where someone is home most of the day and maybe with a dog around his age.  We’re not sure about cats or other animals.

His personality will win you over for sure!  He’s such a cutie will make a great addition to some lucky family.


Hi. My name is Stan. I am a good boy.

I am 3 to 5 years old and have spent most of my life living on the streets of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It has not been easy as other bigger dogs have picked on me and sometimes stolen my food, but I am a true survivor and I have a few visible scars to prove it. I don’t like to fight though and I am looking for a forever home with a safe and dry place I can sleep and people I can depend on to return the love I have to give.  I am healthy and have had all my shots and I am ready and waiting for you!

Likes: Belly rubs, cuddling, playing, chasing balls and toys, napping, long walks, sleeping on my back, hunting for lizards, not being cold and wet

Dislikes: Being left outside in rain storms, being hungry, being chased by bigger dogs, sleeping in doorways, not having people I can trust to love me