Toby was rescued from the streets of Cancun. Moises literally saved his life! He was sick and abandoned, famished, and very weak!

Moises helped him get healthy and did an awesome job! Toby is now thriving! He is back to a more normal weight, he’s very smart and incredibly sweet! He is a very loyal dog, walks great on the leash, and he is great with dogs, people, and kids, and also cats!

He is so beautiful!!!!!

Toby had distemper and he was one of the few lucky ones to survive! And what a recovery he has made! Distemper is a lethal disease and leaves its mark on dogs that survive. Luckily with Toby is not too bad! He has a tik on his jaw/right side of his face, it almost looks like he’s always talking! It truly makes him a quite unique dog! His tik doesn’t affect him eating, drinking, or being a happy dog overall!

He is one of those dogs that are grateful and happy to be alive! He will make an amazing, loyal, and very well-behaved companion!

This is how Toby was found….