Came has been with us since she was a few days old. Her mommy gave birth in a dump and Came was the only puppy she had left when we rescued them… apparently, the neighbors had taken the puppies and mommy went in there and got Came out… sometimes these stories leave us with our jaws hanging… got her spayed and adopted and between the eviction and the many dogs coming and going, she just didn’t make it to the island until now! And we are delighted to have her awesome energy and fun spirit with us now!

Came is active and playful and demanding for attention. She will bond hard and love even harder. And she needs discipline! She needs the confidence that comes from learning how to behave… so we are looking for someone willing to put the time and effort to get her trained… She’s got potential!

Came is about 5 months old, weights about 16 pounds and she’s fully vaccinated and spayed!

Note: When Came was about 1 1/2 months old she had a little accident (did we say she was energetic?) and hurt one eye… We got her to 4 different vets because we wanted to save her eye! And we managed to save her eye! However, the vet explained that she may have limited vision on that eye, she doesn’t care really!

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