Isla Animals Oasis – 1 year anniversary!

A year ago we came to the land where today our new shelter stands (still unfinished but standing!)… we came with machetes to try to figure out the limits of the property. It was an adventure!

And then we broke land… and the real adventure began! 

Foundations started to come up, and the idea of what we had designed ourselves started to form. Walls, windows, and doors, it all started to take shape and slowly become a reality!

We were overjoyed with every new improvement, with every new room that had floors and every little space that we had seen in our heads… 

And today, after a year, we have managed to complete way more than we thought would be possible. We are here, using the spaces, after months and months of playing contractor, continuously rescuing, continuing doing and sponsoring spay and neuters, and adopting out doggies. Just looking back at this last year we are in awe and wonder how… how on Earth did we do it?! No idea… but we have done it!

At least until now.

We have decided that June 1st is the last day we are having all of our workers here. Oh, no, we are not ready yet, but we have reached the point where we need to stop, hopefully is a temporary thing, but the truth is that while we are in awe at the simple fact that we were even able to fundraise to keep going this far, it’s got to a point where we just don’t have the funds to continue any longer. And that’s ok. We are at peace with our own achievements and we will continue to pour sweat into the jobs that we can do ourselves in the building… at least until we recover financially and can continue… 

The good part? Our workers were able to more or less finish the surgery room and shelter room as well as the entrance for the shelter and we are hoping that even if we have to slow down the work, we can actually use these facilities… of course, after we set them up and all!

So keep us company on this crazy adventure and join us in this rescue madness… 

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