Isla Animals OASIS – MOVING DATE – March 1

The time is here. We have relentlessly been working to get to this point. 

No, Isla Animals Oasis is not ready, you can clearly see in the photos that it’s very much a construction site. We are moving there with our dogs anyways….


  • We are tired of working in a space that’s inadequate. 
  • Our rent and bills on Isla are getting incredibly expensive and we need to reduce costs urgently
  • We are running out of funds for the building, and we need to focus our efforts on setting up the space that guarantees a future for Isla Animals
  • We are excited to get our hands dirty and do a lot of the work ourselves!

What’s ready and What’s not?

At the moment there is a living area that’s somewhat ready. We have electricity and water, so we can settle our current rescue population (many are in foster), saving a lot of the time we waste on transportation here and there, and saving on the costs of coming and going from the island… 

The shelter space, surgery room, isolation areas and volunteer apartment is not ready. This is the area our amazing workers are going to concentrate on while we finish the painting, gardening, fencing, cabinets, and well… whatever we can do!

Who’s coming with us?

Currently, we have 8 puppies with us, Lola and Lopez. Esperanza, our two-legged miracle is also coming with us, and our own doggies and cats. We are also bringing with us some of the cats in our outreach program, about 4 we think… 

When is Isla Animals Oasis going to be ready?

Well, this is a question we get a lot and it’s super hard to answer! For now… we need to start doing the rough work so we can keep going… but to be able to finish we need to continue fundraising and that’s something that is hard while we are doing a lot of other things too! We keep going thanks to all of your kindness and support. We still need your help!

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