2023 balance and numbers

Time to look back and see how 2023 went… 

We started the year sending out 112 dogs in 112 days from Jan 1 2023… something completely unprecedented! 

By the end of the year, we have sent a total of 230 animals to their furever homes!!!!!

That’s about 700 vaccines, over 1500 doses of deworming, about 1200 doses of preventatives, about 240 vet consults, 850 tests, 185 treatments, 55 specialized surgeries (teeth, broken bones, tumors), 32 chemotherapy sessions, a crazy amount of vitamins and thousands of kilos of food… and, of course, tons of love we put into this! 

We got unexpectedly evicted from our shelter space on April 14th

Since then, we rescued 200 dogs, we continue our spay and neuter campaigns (for rescue, abandoned, and street animals, as well as for people of lower income).

We managed to keep open our facilities on Isla in order to provide the much-needed socialization our animals need. 

We designed and started building a new place that guarantees a future for Isla Animals and our mission and we are SO CLOSE!

We finished the year on an optimistic note, yes, it’s been hard, beyond hard… but we are moving forward! Join us on this journey that’s about to become a completely new adventure!

We are still raising funds for Isla Animals Oasis… while we are close, there is still a lot to do! 


We also have PayPal: https://paypal.me/islaanimalsresuce?locale.x=en_US

We are a 501c3 registered nonprofit since 2010!

Caring is Global

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