Adoption Process

Adopting a dog from Isla Animals is easy!

You can check out our website for the dogs that are available for adoption. have you found your perfect new best friend?

All you have to do next is fill out an application and tell us a bit about you and where you live and the restrictions for pets in your area.

Our team checks out all applications and if approved we move on to find a way to get your new doggie to you!

We work exclusively with escorts and flight angels that volunteer to take the dogs back to Canada or the US. The cost of the pet flight is paid by the adopter directly to the escort.

Once things are organized, we ask for an adoption fee of 250 US dollars.

What does the adoption fee include?

We get dogs from the island and surrounding area. Most come to us in very sad conditions. We invest without thinking twice in getting all dogs healthy, whatever it takes.

So, vetting is probably the highest cost for us, either is fungus, broken legs, specific treatments, we will do it to get these dogs happy and healthy!

The adoption fee also includes testing and vaccines, we are very cautious in order to make sure all our dogs are protected. To fly they need 2 shots and rabies. When our dogs are ready, they all have their shots.

Our dogs are also regularly dewormed and on heartworm prevention meds.

Also included, there is the cost of spay and neuter. We never send dogs that haven’t been sterilized and work really hard to control the population of stray dogs in the area. So, your new dog will be spayed or neutered.

Finally, there is an array of costs inlcuded in the adoption fee, from the kennel to the foster expenses.

The adoption fee of 250 US dollars does not cover all expenses, but it allows us to continue doing what we are doing. If you want to donate more, it’s always welcomed!

Are you ready to meet the new member of your family!?

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