April Adoptions

April has been a crazy month and we have sent a total of 33 dogs to their FURever homes! Plus we’ve had a few fun stories, some people falling in love with puppies and some long due to make it home!

Here are the doggies that made it home this last month!


Niña’s adoption was all fast and exciting! She was already booked to go to Seattle but we weren’t sure what was going to happen. And then we found Kimberly! She was in love from the start and found a way to make it Seattle from Montana to get her little girl.

Kimberly and Niña make a match made in heaven. They complement each other and have that kind of bond that is so special and unique! Plus, Niña is extremely funny!

Vicky (now Isla)

Vicky has been with us since October and adopted since November. But luck had always kept her from making it home to Canada. If it wasn’t one thing was another and we finally found a chance to send her with restrictions and all! She flew to Seattle with other 4 doggies and she eventually made it to her mommy in Canada, though not without first taking a bit of a vacation!

Vicky has had several fosters and loads of people trying to get her home. She decided to expand her family when upon arrival in Seattle she decided to… escape! Local rescues set up traps and volunteers spent sleepless nights trying to get her. 7 days and 12 hours later, she was caught and now she had a dozen new friends in Seattle all excited to see her on her way home… Finally!

Lesson learnt, keep dogs in crates until in a safe place!


Lenna made it to Seattle too! She’s not officially adopted but in foster with an amazing family that we think she has adopted! Her serious looks and goofy faces make her a sweet choice for a dog, and she has the best manners! We know she’s loving it there!


Waffle came to Seattle too. She made her way to a rescue that will find her the best possible home ever! Good luck little Waffle!

Curry (now Hunter)

Curry’s mom fell in love with him and we sent him off to New York to enjoy his new life in style! Christina had spent some time in Isla Mujeres and met him and then it was all sparks and magic! We can’t be more dleighted for Hunter and his new happy life!

Nova (now Quesadilla)

Nova hit the jackpot! Her looks were so unique and beautiful that took no time for the right family to fall in love with her! And we had a ride for her too, which made it all so smoothly. We can see how her charming personality and beautiful face are melting everyone on her way!


Sampson came from Cancun as a surrender baby and he was in dear need of some care!

He got over his problems, got groomed and he became the true dog he was always meant to be! It obviously didn’t take long for him to find the perfect home, how could someone resist his cute looks and sweet manners?

Sampson is now enjoying the good life with his new family and we are delighted to know how much love he’s getting!

Rogue (now Horchata)

This little girl earned the lottery when it came to finding the perfect family for her. Georgeanna’s family came to the island and fell in love with her!

Since some airlines do not accept pets, we found the best flight angel to take Rogue home and it all worked out beautifully!

Nutmeg and Loki

These two gorgeous and funny babies made it to Colorado to a rescue where they will work hard to find them the best homes! We know they are well taken care of and having the best time!

Robin and Lindt

We were in heaven when we met Maggie and she told us she wanted to adopt these 2 babies! Robin was shy and still fighting some skin problems, Lindt was outgoing and full of energy. They complimented each other!

But that was not the end of it, Maggie found a doggie in the streets of Mexico and fell in love with him too. So, what did she do? She moved heaven and earth to get them all home! We were so impressed by how committed she was to get all of them back with her that we had no doubts she would be able to offer them the best life. The three furry babies made it home safely and now are enjoying their best life, loved and cared for!

Pascha and Ali

Pascha and Ali made it to one of our favorite rescues in Minnesota, Second Hand Hounds. They are both in search of their FURever home being cuddled and loved in the meanwhile. We know they will make the best family dogs!


Dot is a lucky lady, she wa meant to leave and for different reasons she missed her ride. She ended up at the clinic cause her sister was kinda bullying her. And boom! One of the volunteers, Rhonda, fell in love with her. She offered to foster her and took no time for her to decide she wanted to give her a FURever home. We made it work and now Dot is living her best life!

Godiva (now Dakota)

Godiva’s family planned her adoption for a bit, came down and took her home. Weknow she’s loving her new home and she has gotten so beautiful! Dakota is now enjoying the good life and being loved as she always deserved!


Elektra made it to Philadelphia and took her literally a day to make a lovely couple fall in love with her. Oh, she’s lucky! Now she has a huge space to run and play and she’s being spoiled rotten by her new parents! She’s definitely living her best life!


Nina has been with us for a few months and since we had filled the shelter with puppies we were looking for a foster for her.

One of our local stars agreed to take this big mommy and every time we see her we can tell how happy and healthy she is. When suddenly an option came for her to go, we realized there was no better place for her than where she was. Tiffany and Gonzalo had fallen in love with her and she was already home! Lucky girl!

Chilli and Ginger (now Pepper)

These siblings made it also to Philadelphia and they are in foster at the moment. Chilli has short legs and Pepper long ones. They make a funny pair and we know they have already gotten so much attention. Our friend Heather is going to make sure they go to the best possible family and become the fun and awesome dogs they were always meant to be!


Blaze’s family came to the island and met this sweet boy and could not leave without him! This happens sometimes and Blaze just hit the jackpot!


Sometimes people walk into the shelter and they can’t help it but fall in love with a doggie. A strong connection is something that always make us happy! And that’s what happened to McFly. His new family came in and couldn’t leave without him! They took him the next day and found a place to stay a few days on the island before leaving and bond with him. Took them seconds really!

Tasha, Apollo, Tabby and Bubbles

These four doggies made it to Minnessota where our rescue friends will find them the best homes ever! We were extremely happy to send them off cause they were getting to big to fly! Luckily they made it on time and ended up all together!


Tracy and her family came to the shelter already with the idea of finding a new baby to add to their family. And Buster stole their hearts! He has such a beautiful face, sweet manners and he is active and fun!

We know he’s gonna love his walks and the constant love and attention he’s gonna get! Congrats!

Brooke (now Tashi)

We are so happy to know this little girls is going to the family of one of our most amazing fosters! She made it home and now has the best siblings and is enjoying walked at the beach and having a great time!

We’re so happy for this little girl!


Cayenne was one of the last ones in her litter to get adopted. We were just waiting for someone to come and fall in love with her. And that’s what happened! Kristin was taken to the shelter by her friends who knew she was heartbroken after her doggie had passed 3 months ago. And she just loved Cayenne!

We knew it was exactly what we were hoping for and two days later she left with her mommy!


Gamora made it to Minneapolis and our friends of Second Hand Hounds will find her the best hme ever! We miss this little girl and her funny faces and lovely persoanlity!

Tony and Isha

Tony and Isha’s adopter called and first wanted to adopt Tony, then Isha, then both! We were delighted cause they have a great place to run and play!

We were so happy to see them go together and now having fun with their new siblings and being love bybtheir new family! So sweet!


Betsy’s parents fell in love with her at the shelter and took her home. She’s having a great time at home and we couldn’t have wished for anything better for her! She is so cute!


Neo made it to Colorado and found his forever family there!! We are hoping he is the first one of many!

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