December Adoptions – Christmas stories!

December has been a crazy month here at Isla Animals. We have had 15 dogs leaving for their forever homes, and we have welcomed more than 20 new pups between babies, moms, and surrendered dogs.

(Check out our site! They will be ready for adoption soon!)

Meet the doggies that have made it home this month! No better Christmas present!!!

Kelly (now Izzi)

Izzi was one of the puppies we got from Valladolid, and hers was a happy story full of Christmas magic! Rebecca and her family fell in love with her during their visit to Isla, and even though she couldn’t fly with them, she moved heaven and earth and found an escort that took Izzi home. Lucky baby!

Fancy (now Calle)

Fancy is another one of our favorite Christmas stories. Danielle and Michelle fell in love with her while visiting the island and came to see her every day. We cannot be happier with Calle’s adoption!

HeyGirl (now Heather)

Heather made everyone who visited Mundaca fall in love with her. She flew to Canada in December and is having a blast in the cold weather. Of course, everyone keeps falling in love with her sass and her funny ears!


Becky came from Valladolid as well, and she completely came out of her shell during her time in Isla. She loved the beach and was so good with the leash. We were very happy to see her go to Canada this month too!

Giggles (now Lola)

Another very happy story, this tiny puppy with the most unique fur that weighed less than 2 kilos had everyone in love with her mischievous ways. Michelle was the lucky one to take her home and we are sure she’s living her best life!

Muñeca (now Maple)

This lovely lady who’s in her senior years had been with us for a while till she was getting healthy. We were delighted she finally got a ride home to Lesley and her family. She’s enjoying her warm bed and cute sweater now, and all the attention she deserves! Maple is a lucky old lady!


This sweet and shy girl bloomed while staying in the shelter in Isla. She was shy and terrified of people, but once she realized that volunteers and visitors were there to give her cuddles and treats, she relaxed and became the sweetest girl ever! She flew off to Canada where she’s having a blast and learning to finally receive the love she deserves!


Our naughty little puppy with a big round belly. She was with us from her early days, such a cute and sweet puppy, she was always happy and smiling to everyone coming to Mundaca. She flew off to Toronto where she has everyone faking in love with her (must be a Mexican thing). So happy for you little Serena!


Ellie is a sweet girl with loads of energy, and while curious, she’s also a bit scared of new places and noises. She made it home to a beautiful family in Florida and we are sure she’s keeping them entertained with her goofy faces and puppy mischievous ways!

Padrino (now Diego)

This gorgeous boy found his new home and we are delighted! We always knew he would love snow and he was great with kids from the beginning. Now he has loads of space to run and be as happy as we have always wished him to be! We love our pups, but we love more seeing them receiving all the love they deserve!


Lotus is another one of those dogs we have put so much love into. His skin was bad with fungus and we cared and loved him so much! He has just recently flown to Canada where he’s now enjoying the cold weather and lots of fun adventures!

Jinx (now Kahlua)

This lucky baby and his brother came to us from Tulum. He wasn’t with us for more than 2 days when the perfect family fell in love with him. Now you can visit him in El Borracho Burro here on the island! He’s welcoming people and getting as many cuddles as possible.

Lionel & Richie

These pups were the luckiest ones this month. They came to us and left almost immediately. They both have gone to different families in Florida thanks to our best escorts, Robin and Matt, and now they are enjoying Christmas and New Years’ as American doggies.

Last minute addition!

Tayrion (now Leo)

Tayrion arrived to us just a week ago and after a few days enjoying the good life with our foster Clark, he was ready to meet the other pups at the shelter. He was there for exactly 24 hours when the perfect family fell in love with him. It was truly love at first sight and we cannot be happier to add this last-minute story to our Christmas happy adoptions list.

January will be an exciting month since a lot of new doggies will be ready to go to their FURever homes.

Thank you everyone for making it all possible! And yes, we’ve used your pictures to show everyone how happy the doggies are now with their new families, thank you for that too! 🙂

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