Doggies going home in MAY

May was a slow month, fewer dogs went out but we concentrated mostly on income doggies, many abandoned, surrendered, and oh so many puppies!

We got 13 dogs adopted in the month of May.

May was also our Spay and Neuter campaign in Rancho Viejo, where we sterilized 851 animals! We brought 15 dogs from Rancho back to the island and some are ready for adoption!

These are the doggies that made it home in the month of May.

Pepper and Sage

These two siblings were just adorable. Pepper was short and fatty and Sage was slim and black and much taller. They both made it to New Jersey where our friends from Lost Paws Rescue Group will find them perfect homes!

Boots (now Benny)

Benny made it home and now he gets to go on playdates with his brother who leaves nearby! This little baby that had everyone’s hearts is thriving and earning the confidence he needed to be the best dog ever!


Trinity made her way to Florida thanks to our awesome volunteers Robin and Matt, and from there she continued her way north to meet her mommy that had met her on Isla and went home leaving a part of herself behind. We couldn’t be more delighted of Trinity’s story working out for the best!


Brooklyn also made it to Florida where his new family was eagerly waiting for him! It was a last minute miracle and now he’s living the good life!

Adama (now Daisy)

Adama made it to Philadelphia and got adopted very quickly… after all she was sweet and gorgeous! We are delighted to know she has a future filled with love, cuddles, and constant playing!

Rudy (now Bruno)

Bruno’s adoption was a bit of a magical story! He came to us as a broken dog, he was found on the island and he had probably been abused. He was shy and would stay still for hours. He also always found the craziest places to hide!

After posting just one picture on Facebook, Angie and her husband just felt it was their dog. They came immediately and took him home. And boy that was the best decision ever! He completely changed, and that’s what love does! Plus he has furry friends to learn how to be a dog again! We see Bruno often and we cannot be more delighted!


Tofu’s story was another ones of those that melt your heart. He came from Cancun with long furs, full of ticks and fleas and quite distrustful of people. He had obviously been owned and probably dumped because of the little bug infestation in his fur. We had him in foster with Maia and her boyfriend on the island and they worked their magic, Tofu was now again beautiful and ready to find a home. And so many people fell in love with him. However, it was Gayle who moves heaven and earth to come get him just after her trip here. Now he’s having the best life ever and has made his new home and humans his own.

Coco, Xana, Coquis, and Zoe

These guys left together with some Friends that have a rescue. They came to visit and wants to take as many dogs as possible to find them homes in the US! And we were ecstatic! Coco is an adult surrendered from the island, Xana was a four-month puppy, the last one left from nine that got adopted before her, and Coquis and Zoe were the most adorable little girls ever, found in the dumpster on the island.

They all left together and we are confident they are on the way to their FURever homes now!


Whity was abandoned at the door of our foster in Cancun. She was healthy and beautiful and had a great personality. We were sad to see her having gone through abandonment. She was adopted locally and we are very happy with this adoption. Now she has a little human that adores her and treats her like a queen, as well as other four-legged friends. She’s living the good Isla life now!

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