February adoption stories: Happy Endings!

It’s that time of the month where we share with all of you our successful adoption stories of the month!

February has ended and with so many new restrictions all around the place we are still working hard to make it work!

19 dogs left this month and we were very happy to send the last ones to Canada before the country effectively closed its borders! These are the lucky puppies that made it home this month!


Freya came to us in September and due to the restrictions in place at the time she couldn’t make it till now. Her adopter came to visit and took her back to cold Canada where Freya seems to be really happy!

Haley (now Izzy)

Hailey was a failed adoption on the island, she came back after a few months and was so confused! We had someone who fell in love with her immediately and she left together with Freya and Freya’s mom who took her back to Canada to her new family.


Francesca was one of our mommies from Tulum. She finally found her ride to a better life in February and now lives in the US being the best version of herself, what she was always meant to be.


Milan was the last girl to leave her litter, and she couldn’t wait! She made it to the US and her new family was immediately charmed by her looks and sweet personality.

Pirata, Frida and Delilah

These 3 beautiful girls made it home to Canada on one of the last flights available. They had a long adventure but it was worth it! They love the cold and are completely new doggies!

Vodka (now Frankie)

Vodka was a surrender from the island. He was so cute it took him no time to make a family love him! He made it home to Canada and he loves the snow now!


Speedy was a particular case cause she is a special needs dog. From birth her back legs wouldn’t work as they should and though she didn’t have any trouble playing and running, we worried for her. Of course she was beautiful!


Hawk was a sweet little boy that stole everyone’s heart. His adoption went easy peasy, but we needed to make some changes afterwards. Now he’s enjoying his new life and his new family in the US.

Tulum and Isla

We never even got to name these two beautiful girls. They arrived here and left so fast! Their new family love them both and gave them awesome names! We were delighted to see them leaving together.

Daisy, Poppy and Letty

These 3 girls were also very lucky. They arrived to us and stayed for a bit but then left for a much better life. They now live in the US and are growing healthy and happy.

Dani (now Lucy)

This lovely girl stole the heart of one of our favorite flight angels’ daughter. She made it home and became an American doggie and she’s now enjoying the good life with her new sister and beautiful family!


This beautiful puppy of sweet eyes and gorgeous fur came to us and we didn’t even know he was going to be brindle! His skin and his siblings was so bad no one wanted them! Now he lives in Florida with his new best friend and daddy Reno.

Blondie (now Ixchel)

Blondie stole the heart of her new daddy with her sweetness and lovely demeanor! Steve was visiting the island and ended up going home with this beautiful girl. Congrats!

Bruni (now Mia)

Bruni was adopted for the beginning. Her particular looks made her a favorite but she wasn’t ready to fly when she was supposed to. So we had to wait for a bit and Robin came especially to pick her up. How lucky can an Isla doggie get? We are happy to see her in her new home now, all loved and cuddled!

Thank you to all adopters for sharing photos of their doggies enjoying theire new lives! It warms our hearts!

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