Happy endings in June

June has been a busy month, we are still dealing with many surrendered and abandoned dogs and puppies we got during our Spay and Neuter campaign in May.

We got 22 dogs out this month!

These are all the happy endings in the month of June (for us… but for the puppies and families and happy beginnings!).

Axel and Jax

These two babies had a rough start in life. They were born in a dump and we were so happy to get them out of there. When we got them they were sick and our team worked really hard to get them healthy and happy again. They now live in the US, and they are so spoiled!

Belle (now Penelope)

Penelope came to us from Tulum and she was lucky! During our weekly spay and neuter campaigns one of our volunteers, Angie, fell in love with her and took her home! She is now enjoying life with other Isla dogs in sunny Mexico. And she’s growing so much too!

Maggie (now Chiquita Banana)

Chiquita Banana was adopted by Angie’s daughter and she’s living her best life in Minnesota right now. She came from our May Spay and Neuter campaign and we were so happy to see her finding a home so fast!


Ginger was adopted by a lovely family in Cozumel. They came to meet her and didn’t take them a second to decide to take her. Lucky girl!


Mani was quite a special story. It was hard for us to say goodbye after having her for a while and going through so much with her. But she was ready to go to a real home and Jill was the perfect match. Now, Mani is having the best life!!!!

Rita and Greta

Baby and Rocky

Baby and Rocky had a chance to leave and we weren’t going to miss it! Now they live ion the US with their new families! And that’s all we can hope for our Isla doggies!

Guera, Dulce, Nieve and Rainy

These 4 doggies made it to Canada thanks to the hard work of Sandra Train, who against all odds made it happen for these doggies and played a huge role in finding the best homes for them!

Guera, now Gracias has just been adopted and now runs and plays with her new siblings doing exactly what she loves the most and charming everyone with her sweet personality. We miss her!

Dulce was not named that by chance, we knew she was going to melt everyone’s heart with her disposition and super sweet character.

Nieve was a lovely mommy, she was playful and always craving love and attention! We know she now will get it!

Rainy was found in the rain… alone, sick, and still full of energy and dying for attention! He will be an amazing addition to a family!


Posh (now Isla)

Isla was such a sweet girl and it wasn’t a surprise she ended up charming someone who came to visit and left with her! We were so happy to see her go to a better life. She deserves it!

Dumbo (now Oso)

Dumbo came to us from our Spay and Neuter campaign in May with his two siblings and mommy. They all got adopted so quickly and it was quite obvious Oso, with his huge ears, was gonna leave first! His new family came to visit our shelter and fell in love with him. Now he’s living the life, spoiled and loved as he deserves!

Marianne (now Coco Chanel)

Coco Chanel is just gorgeous! She is fluffy and sweet and curious! Her family met her at the shelter and couldn’t leave without her! Sometimes it’s meant to be!!!


Coco made it to Florida to the family of one of Isla Animals favorite people! He is now a full American citizen and we couldn’t have hoped for more for him!


Blanquita was a sweet and fluffy little thing and she can’t stop making people say “awwww” when they see her! She is now home, as all here family, and we are delighted with knowing she’s so spoiled!


Mel was so lucky. She was an inch too big to fly carry on and we firugred we may try it now or never! She made her trip, quite comfortably to our surprise, and now she’s on her way to Canada!

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