How to be a flight angel for an Isla dog? The ultimate guide.

Are you on vacation in Mexico and want to give your trip a bit of meaning? Be a flight angel for one of the many Isla dogs that need to go to their forever home!

The whole experience of being part of helping these dogs having a much better life is rewarding and even fun!

It doesn’t matter where are you flying to or when, please contact us and let us know your plans, if possible, we’ll match you with a doggie and their adopters. You’ll be a hero!

Why to be a flight angel?

Thousands of Mexican dogs are rambling the streets sick and unwanted. Many are abandoned, others were just born in the wild and have zero chances for a decent life and the love of a family.

Dogs here are often left to fend for themselves in the street, rarely vaccinated, and very often not taken care of at all. We get puppies found abandoned in the jungle, surrendered dogs from families that just don’t want them anymore, sick doggies that have struggled to survive in a world that was not designed for them.

Dogs need love and attention and care, and we, humans, are the ones responsible for them!

Being a flight angel for a doggie means helping out in the process of ensuring they will have happy, fulfilling lives, and be loved as they deserve to be. It’s also very rewarding to know they are home thanks to you!

Being a flight angel step by step

Being a flight angel is super easy and it requires very little from escorts.

First of all, we need to match you with a dog and an adopter. For that, we need your flight information, including airline, destination, times of departure and arrival, and reservation code.

Please note that the following airlines do not fly pets internationally:
  • Spirit
  • Southwest
  • Sun Country
  • Sun Wing

Once we have made the perfect match, we make the booking and meet you either at the ferry the day of your departure, or at the airport if you’re not leaving from the island.

We provide all necessary documentation, as well as a carrier and a to-go bag that has a few cleaning supplies, leashes, toys, and food for the trip. Having wet towels in hand is a good idea but we can’t find them here!

What to expect on traveling day?

Once we deliver the dog, it’s all very easy! You go to the check-in counter and do your check-in showing the documents for the dog. Please keep the dog in the carrier during check-in.

Please note that some airlines require payment for the dog at the check-in desk. This payment has to be done with a debit or credit card and don’t worry! Either we or the adopters will reimburse you for that!

Then it’s time to go through security. For this, the dog must not be left in the carrier. Our puppies are usually very calm and love traveling. It’s like they know they are going home!

Please pick up the puppy and take it in your arms when going through security. As soon as the bags are out of the X-ray machine you can place the puppies in their bags. Or not. Your choice!

Some escorts like to play with the puppies while they wait to board, others feel more comfortable having the doggies in their bags. Whatever suits you best is ok!

When boarding the plane the dogs must be inside the carriers. Most airlines won’t allow dogs to be outside, however, some air hostesses are stricter than others. Please keep in mind that the rules state that the dogs have to be in their bags for the full length of the flight, trying to open the carrier or take the dogs out may be ok, but know they may ask you to put them back in their bags.

Upon arrival we will have organized to either the adopters or some of our friends around the world to pick up the dog. We will have put you in contact with them before your flight. You meet them at an established point and give them the dog (please don’t forget the documents too!).

Easy, right?

What does Isla Animals provide you with?

When we bring the dog to the ferry or the airport we will give you a carrier as well as a to-go bag with some cleaning supplies. Dogs are usually good travelers, though allowing some time for them to pee before going through security may be a good idea.

We also bring you the paperwork for the dogs. They have a vaccination booklet all up-to-date as well as a health certificate in Spanish and English.

And to show our flight angels how much we appreciate them, if you’re escorting a dog for Isla Animals, we will provide transportation from Puerto Juarez (ferry) to the airport for free with CARM, for free!

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