Is Isla Animals leaving the island?

As transparent we are trying to be… there seems to be a bit of confusion on where our shelter will be located! Yes, it won’t be on Isla (please check all the reasons below!), however some people may be thinking we are abandoning the Isla dogs and cats… NOT AT ALL!!!!

At the moment we are located in Isla, this is where Alison started her work and we are continuing with the labor she started. And the truth is …. ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE ANIMALS!

So when the government evicted us, we sat down and discussed our options… should we close forever? should we continue working at the scale permitted by our current temporary place? Should we give up? Or maybe should we aim for the stars and continue with our work? Of course, we will continue… this year alone has shown how much need is there for what we do, having rescued and sterilized more animals than ever before!

So yes, our shelter will be on the mainland (again… reasons below!) but we will MOST DEFINITELY continue being involved in rescue in Isla Mujeres!

We never thought of stating it clearly… because we thought it was OBVIOUS!

Now, living on this tiny island, even with our very inadequate temporary place, we rescue animals from the island, but also from Rancho Viejo, Cancun, all the way to Tulum and up to Progreso. We are not planning to change that!

Isla mujeres or the mainland

Please continue following us on our blog and social media to be part of this amazing adventure… walls are starting to come up… soon OASIS doors will be open and we would never have to worry about anyone taking it away from the animals that need it the most!!!!!

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