January 2021: New year… New Adoption Stories

Happy New Year!!! We have started the 2021 with positive vibes and a rocking attitude! And we have gotten so many dogs and cats to their forever homes! A total of 23!!! We are battling covid restrictions, fewer tourists and escorts, and planes that do not let us fly pets. Come on! We can do this together and get every single dog to their FURever homes!

These are our success stories from January 2021. A great start for an amazing year!

This month we sent home ….. dogs and …. cats.

Milly and Pilly

These two sweet girls were in foster with one of our volunteers. They came from another vet on the island that asked for help, and we gladly took them. They are now having a blast in Canada!


Nanuk made it to the States at the beginning of the month thanks to the help of the Tulum rescue, where he originally came from. We are sure he’s now enjoying the cold weather and keep growing strong and beautiful!

Truffle (now Ginger), Enoki, Shiitaki

These three siblings made their way to Toronto thanks to Tattiana, all of them have been adopted and enjoying the good life now. Sweet babies, they are enjoying a warm bed and daily cuddles!

Button and Ringo

Button and Ringo flew to Minneapolis with lovely escorts. They were both immediately adopted! Isla puppies everywhere! We love it when they get adopted by loving families.

Chanti (now Shatzi) and Rania (now Mia)

Chanti and Rania are both living in Florida right now, enjoying their loving families and new furry siblings. They were both the favorites at the shelter and we are happy to know they are loved! Thanks to Matt and Robin for always taking good care of our doggies and finding them the best homes!

Moss (now Ixchel)

Ixchel was the smallest in her litter and a true sweety. She was always on someone’s lap cuddling and being the lovely girl she is. It was hard for her new mum and dad to fall in love with her and they took her back home! She is truly having the best time now!

Tucker (now Wilson)

Tucker was from the start the lucky boy in his litter. He was the fattest and most spoiled by his doggy mum. And no surprise he was the first one to go! His new mum was staying on the island and came to help out in the shelter. We are sure he used his flirting powers (that little heart on his nose… come on!)… He’s now in the US with his mum!


Twila is one of the luckiest girls ever! She was the runt of her litter, always calmer and sweet. Her mom came to visit our shelter and fell in love with her! The next day she was on her way home!


Ronnie had everyone falling in love with him. His dark brown eyes and sweet demeanor made him very popular. Cheryl and her hubby ended up falling in love with him and when they took him home here on the island, they knew there was no going back! He’s such a smart boy!


Poroto came to us in September and we had tried our best to work through his behavioral problems. He can be the most loyal and sweet dog ever once past the first second where he meets someone and wants to kill them! He was deemed no fit to be with children, and in social situations. After trying everything, we found them a foster home on the island with other dogs that could teach him what life was outside a cage. He is thriving and his fosters have decided to keep him! Congrats Margaret and Joe!


Meadow was the shy girl of her litter. She was the last one to leave and was sad when all her siblings were gone. We managed to get her to Calgary, where she started to be the dog she was always meant to be! Love and cuddles are so important for puppies!

Frida (now Lulu)

Frida was rescued by a friend on the island, she fostered her until she left a few days ago. She was never published on the site because she was always meant to go to our founder, Alison! She was in dear need of a dog and Frida was the best match! Lulu is now in the US being loved by no other than Alison and her family. Lucky girl!


Odesa, originally Odalis, was a surrendered from the island. We knew that a white Chihuahua would find a home in a heart bit! And so she did! Now she’s living with Arturo -our great vet!- and his lovely family. Cannot be better cared for, that’s for sure!


The case of Tango is one of those that happens quite often in Isla Animals… someone comes to visit the doggies and fall in love with one of them! And bum! The dog goes home a few days later! Tango is now in Canada and having a blast!


Yet again, Sicily was quite lucky. She was due to fly to Canada on Feb 14 but the new restrictions came in place and her ride was canceled. What to do? Well, when you have her charm is not hard! She found a ride to Canada at the last minute and she made it to a better world than the sad abandoned building she was found in.

Trixie (now Isla)

Trixie was really lucky as well! Her mom and dad came to visit us and completely fell in love with her. In 5 minutes it was all organized and they were taking her home to her new siblings. Look at her now!


Whiskey was surrendered to us by a local family with her 8-month-old puppy Vodka (who is leaving in February!). We fell in love immediately with her and knew we could find her the best home! And so we did! She’s now living with her new family and she just looks so happy! We couldn’t have wished for more!

A big thanks to all the adopters that send us photos of our Isla doggies! We love seeing them cared for and loved! Thank you so much!!!!!

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