June News: we need your help!

We are STRUGGLING and need your HELP! 

Isla Animals Family and Friends!

You may have heard that after Covid, adoptions are down and some people are even surrendering their dogs to shelters. You may have heard about the CDC ban in the US and the coming banning of entry of dogs of certain nationalities in Canada. You may have followed some of the cases we are dealing with, and we try to share whenever we have a minute. Maybe you’re familiar with the island and you know it is low season here… 

Circumstances have left us desperate in June. We have taken in over 40 dogs plus the ones we already had, and only 14 left.

We have taken in difficult cases, mange, ehrlichia, heartworm, and surgeries.

We run the rescue with a set of priorities. Our dogs will never lack medical attention, food, and care. We ourselves go around, as Allison did from the start, feeding, cleaning, medicating.

But June’s expenses have left us dry. Our dogs will still eat and be medically treated and be happy, but if something doesn’t change, we are in trouble. June has been the first time in almost 2 years that we had to STOP INCOME. And that only means more dogs in the streets (we do still offer to sponsor sterilizations of ALL the dogs we are forced to decline).

We know how hard things are getting for everybody and we are humbled by your continuous support. We NEED YOU!

So, we want to first give you a breakdown of what are we doing:

As of today….

We have 30 dogs in the shelter/foster right now.

2 dogs in need of leg surgery or physical therapy. 

1 dog in need of training and with some behavioral/socializing issues.

12 dogs with ehrlichia (in treatment).

3 dogs with medium to severe skin issues (in treatment).

5 dogs with parasitic infections (in treatment).

1 dog with heartworm (in treatment).

We vaccinate all our dogs up to international standards and rabies.

We deworm all of our dogs every 15 days.

We have around 5 to 10 consults a week for special cases and emergencies.

We do flea and tick prevention once a month.

We do heartworm prevention once a month.

We provide and pay for FREE SPAY AND NEUTER every week on the island (an average of 20 animals a week). We buy our own surgical instruments, syringes, needles, and drugs and pay the doctors for their work.

We are planning our RANCHO VIEJO campaign where we are going to spay and neuter 1800-2000 animals in the poorest part of Isla Mujeres.

We SPONSOR spay and neuter in Cancun for stray pregnant dogs, dogs in heat, and rescues. 

We buy our own CRATES and CARRIERS for dogs leaving.

We help particular cases on the island when owners are committed but have no means (we are taking care of a dog with an immune system disease, a dog with mange, and we offer medical support and food to dogs rescued by the government, we provide cat rescuers with over 50kg of cat food a month, etc)

This is a tiny part of what we do. Probably, the most costly.


Do you know how much it cost to send a dog out?

Apart from vaccines, dewormer, preventatives and food and care, plus any medical treatment (which 95% of the time they need), there is the carrier or crate (anywhere from 30 to 150 dollars), and papers and certificate, and things have gotten so hard that in some cases we need to cover the flight (which ranges from 100 to almost 300 dollars depending on the dog, airline and destination), plus going to the airport costs us around 40 dollars. 

And we are struggling to keep up with the never-ending cases that we get reported every day, shelters that use to take our dogs are less willing to take in dogs because they also are struggling to get dogs adopted. 

We usually try to share the happy side of rescuing, the victories, and all of those moments that are fulfilling, because it is what keeps us going. We avoid sharing gruesome photos and sad cases that end up breaking our hearts because we don’t want to break yours. The constant frustration of fighting for a cause that we know we won’t see the end of, not us, not our generation. And if we give up, then we have in our conscious dogs that could have been saved. 

Do consider becoming a monthly donor, the group of committed amazing supporters allows us to cover our monthly fixed expenses. https://paypal.me/islaanimalsresuce?locale.x=en_US

Or maybe a one-off donation, all are tax-deductible and make a huge difference to our dogs’ wellbeing and how many we can take. https://paypal.me/islaanimalsresuce?locale.x=en_US

Or perhaps consider adopting one of our babies? They come from the worst humanity has to offer and they deserve a loving home. https://www.islaanimals.org/adoptions/

Or maybe consider bringing a donation on your next trip to Isla? We have a list of supplies we always need (and if you have access to veterinary drugs and supplies please do let us know, we are in dire need of certain items!) https://www.islaanimals.org/donate-animal-rescue-isla-animals/

Or perhaps you want to donate directly to our Rancho Viejo Campaign, we have a fundraiser exclusively for that and we are still way off our goals. https://go.rallyup.com/isla-animals/Campaign/Details

And if you‘re willing to be a flight angel for one of our doggies, do send us an email at info@islaanimals.org we are looking for rides to anywhere in Canada, Texas, Minneapolis, Chicago and Seattle.

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!! And sorry for the long post. We cannot continue without your support and cannot thank you enough for getting us this far! We have saved over 400 dogs in the last 18 months and we are always pushing ourselves to do more, to do it better, and to fight for those without voices. THANK YOU.

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