Latest Adoptions: November 2020

You can’t change a dog’s past, but you can write his future!

The month of November is coming to an end and we want to congratulate all the families that have taken their Isla pup home this month!

Our dogs come from all kinds of backgrounds, but most of them have had a rough start in life. We try to make them feel safe and get them healthy, but there is nothing like the love they can get in the fur-ever home.

So, these are the latest adoptions from November.

Chickee (previously Chiquis)

She must be the luckiest doggie in the world. She is one of the Valladolid rescues that came from Suzanne. She wasn’t in the shelter for more than 24 hours when she had already made a great family fall in love with her.

Kimberly, her husband, and their daughter decided to take this beautiful, energetic, and cuddly girl home and it all went so well! Just a week later and Chickee is enjoying her new home! Congrats!

Vincent (previously Keaton)

Vincent came to us rescued from a terrace, living through the hurricane season without shelter, food, or water. He looked miserable but beyond the sight of his ribs and floppy ears, there was a dog full of personality. For a seven month puppy he was more like an older man, and maybe that, plus his beautiful color, makes his new name so cool. He does look like a Vincent Van Gogh in the dog version!

Maris, who lives on the island, contacted us not even an hour after we added Vincent to the website. It was a match made in heaven! Vincent needs love and Maris can offer him a world to explore what he has never before had the chance to do. How lucky is that?

He’s now getting fat and has loads of space to play and run. We can’t be happier with this adoption considering he has come from such a sad background.

We hope that Vincent brings lots of happiness with his chill but mischievous ways to Maris!



Poncho (previously Santos)

Poncho is a Pomeranian that weighs less than 3 kilos. It’s a furry ball of cuddles! He was surrendered by a family that couldn’t take care of him anymore. They took excellent care of him, but Covid had hit them hard and we were happy to step in and help.

We weren’t surprised to see Poncho leave just a few days later. Robin and Matt took him with Maia (Tulip) directly to his forever home. And what a home! His new mum Janet manages a pet store in Florida! Can you imagine a better life for Poncho?

He is the sweetest dog, always calm and relaxed. The girls at Mundaca fell in love with him, and everyone that met him remembers him! We are so happy to know he’s enjoying the good life now!

Maia (previously Tulip)

Maia is a hyperactive puppy with the will to discover everything! Our girls at Mundaca had their hands full with her. She just wanted to be loved, cuddle, play, eat, and run all at the same time!

She was rescued from a terrace in Cancun, again, puppies out there with no shelter, water, or food, and she was so young! She spent some time getting better, recuperating her beautiful soft hair, and smiling to the world with her tongue out and her big brown eyes.

Robin and Matt, our beloved Isla Animal angels, found homes for Maia, and got her to the States, straight to her new family! She seems to be adapting so well and enjoying life in Florida!

Ryder (previously Latka)

Ryder was rescued with his mom and 4 other puppies at the taxi stand in Punta Sam at the car ferry. Can you imagine how dangerous that was for tiny small puppies!

Ryder’s new dad came every day to visit Ryder and they develop that unique bond that people and dogs can have. They seem to be best friends now!

Ryder left for Playa del Carmen with his dad a few weeks ago and we follow all their moves on Facebook. And we are so happy they have found each other!

Disclaimer: we used the pictures the new owners of these dogs posted on the the Isla Animal Family Album Facebook group, as well as those taken by us when we leave the pups with their escorts or adopters.

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