March Adoption Adventures!

March has come to an end and we are amazed at how much has been accomplished! We started with loads of puppies and worried about what to do.

And what happened?

All puppies are gone! We reached 25 dogs and cats leaving this month and we cannot thank enough all adopters, escorts, and volunteers that made it all possible!

These are the doggies that have made it home the month of March, we want to share all their beautiful stories.

Tapia + Canela

Tapia and Canela made their way to Massachusetts on a flight that transported only animals! They were 2 of the lucky 38 cats and 7 dogs that flew to the US. Tapia and Canela were both adopted immediately, and no surprise there since they were not only beautiful but super adorable!


Pancho had a very sad story. His neighbor had seen his owners pack the house, untied him from his pole where he was stuck day and night, and leave taking even the dog house that had been his world. Before he was even at risk of getting hit by a car or sick, he was put under our care and how delighted we were to have him!

He was neuter and showed so much love. Just a week later his new mommy and daddy showed up to pick him up! They were delighted and we are sure Pancho is now enjoyed the life he has always deserved!


Jack was the most peculiar-looking dog of his litter. He looked like a Beagle but it was surprising to think Lenna was his mommy. For Jack we accepted a local adoption, now he has 4 new siblings that love him and baby him all the time! And we still get to see him walking around with his new family sometimes. A real treat since we loved him so much!


Luna came from Puerto Morelos and was just a little copy of her mommy. She looked very much like a lab and he was funny and serious at the same time.

Luna is now living the life in Florida and we are hoping she’s teaching her new sister how to be a god doggie!


Joe made it to his family to bring peace and smiles at a hard time. He was always the handsome boy of the litter and we are thrilled he’s now in Florida living the good life! Lucky boy!


Hannah and all of her siblings were just adorable. They all looked the same but slowly started to show their personalities.

Her mommy and daddy came to the shelter looking for their new fur baby and they ended up taking Hannah home. She’s now being the dog she was always meant to be and enjoying all the love in the world! We couldn’t have hoped for anything better for her!


Oscar is one of the few doggies that has made his way into Canada at this time of restrictions and limited traveling. How cool is that?

His foster mommy has absolutely fallen in love with his curly eyelashes and wrinkly skin and we are waiting to see it being official… He has really won the lottery!

Woody + Bo Peep, Rex + Buzz

This 2 siblings ended up going to Utah to a rescue and funny enough, so did their other 2 litter mattes. We are sure they will be enjoying their forever homes soon, and in the meanwhile they are together, who knows if they end up being neighbors? Sweet!

Simba + Mufasa

These two adorable looking Siamese kittens were with us since they were just a few days old. Carmen bottle fed them and tolerated every single one of their crazy adventures! But it was time for them to go home, they flew to Utah too, but ended up going to Colorado to their fur-ever home!


Louie had a bit of an adventure leaving Mexico. He was departing from Cozumel which meant he got to enjoy a day off and learned to travel quite soon. And his flight was eventually cancelled so he got some hotel fun in the meanwhile!

Sheldon (Louie)

Sheldon was adopted way before he was ready, but we could count on Robin to be the flight angel of the year and take him home. His name is now Louie and we can wait to see how beautiful he will turn out to be!

Cooper (Tyson)

Cooper was supposed to go somewhere else, but Dawn fell in love with him and we could see him being the best match for her son. Nothing better than puppy kisses when times are hard, and he had the potential to be a dog that would bring comfort and laughs.

We made it work in a blink and we were delighted to see how well Tyson and his new daddy fit together!


Coral left for Nebraska and we are certain she will find soon her forever home, or maybe her fosters will fall in love with her first?


Muffin was adopted for a month before we could send her home to NY. She got so beautiful and had such a great personality we had no doubt she was going to be treasured and spoiled from day one!

Congrats Muffin for making it home!


Everybody wanted Penny! She had blue eyes and the most beautiful golden color. One family fell in love with her and decided to come to get her. How fantastic! We couldn’t say no! She’s now an American citizen!


Ivy was another dog that seemed to have stolen the hearts of many visitors. With her fluffy ears and clown smile, she was a star! Kait came to meet her just to see if it was the right match and obviously she left the island with her! They made such a cute pair!

We hope Ivy brings a bit of light, smiles and sweetness to your life!

Howard + Amy

These dog gorgeous doggies with spunky ears are going to Philadelphia where they will be adopted very quickly, we are sure! We were surprised to see their ears poking up, they became so cute!

Star + Raj

These are the two last doggies leaving this month, they are also going to Canada! How cool is that? They’re up for an adventure, leaving Isla, ferry, plane and then crossing the border to become Canadian citizens!

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