We are opening the doors of our immediate and very temporary place so you can come be part of our mission and our work with those that have been forgotten in Mexico!

With an outrageous number of street animals, Mexico ranks among the countries with the highest population of strays and abandoned cats and dogs.

Through rescue, rehoming and, especially, spay and neuter, we are trying to make a tiny difference in the lives of those that have no voice.

Please help us continue with this mission that started over 20 years ago…


GoFundMe campaign: https://gofund.me/7fe42686

We are hoping, dreaming, planning…. to build a shelter for the animals that need it the most! And we ca achieve it with all of your help! Yes, our temporary place is fine, not adequate as a shelter, not prepared or located in a place where dogs are welcome or visitors for that matter. We will make it work as long as we can, but we MUST start NOW creating the place that will continue in the future, become a beacon for those that need it the most!

Come visit us! Our puppies will love the attention and will happily share some puppy kisses!!!

See you soon!

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