#SAVEISLAANIMALS – help us build a shelter for them!
HELLO Isla Animals Family! We are reaching to you today with sad news.  If you have adopted one of our pups, came to visit, helped on the spay and neuter, walked the dogs or simply enjoyed some puppy loving… you know how HARD we work to rescue dogs, nurse them to health, and get them adopted.
We have been able to do so thanks to the space in Mundaca Park that we have cherished since 2015. 

This year alone we have rescued 140 dogs, adopted out 112, and done almost 500 spay and neuters. We are able to achieve all of this thanks to the fierce help of our volunteers and the tireless efforts of the small team that runs Isla Animals. And obviously, thanks to the space that NOW HAS BEEN RECLAIMED by the gov of Isla Mujeres. We are being EVICTED, and will NOT be allowed back to that location. 

Without the space, we are forced to take a step back, rethink and regroup. Definitely, we will not be able to work at the rhythm we have so far, and it breaks our hearts to know that regardless of the passion we put in our work towards the cats and dogs of this region, our hands are tied. 

The gov has offered a very small space (10×8 feet) which is too small to use as storage even, and with no outdoor space.

Plus, maybe even more importantly, whatever they offer -which is this case feels more like a slap on the face- would have to be fought for and renewed with every change of administration, always putting Isla Animals at risk of suddenly dying. We won’t allow it to happen. 22 years and thousands of dogs saved, passion, sweat, and tears, all of that will not be thrown away at the whim of an ungrateful gov that doesn’t appreciate how we have taken care of their problem. 

We have found an immediate, though very temporary, solution to keep working toward the wellbeing of the animals. The moving has put us in a financial strain that we had not contemplated. 

At the same time, we are trying to figure out what direction will Isla Animals follow in the FUTURE. We have been abandoned and, as our doggies, we are looking for our FURever home. We have plans, ideas, and projects, but the survival of Isla Animals is IN YOUR HANDS.

We need to fundraise to have our own shelter space, wherever that may be, so we can go back to focusing on the dogs and cats, and all the help we can give them. We want to continue changing lives and being the voice of those that do not have one. 
PLEASE…. HELP US SAVE ISLA ANIMALS… Let’s give doggies that come from hell a home that’s safe and where they will be cared for. 

If you have good memories of your experience with Isla Animals, please do consider lending us a PAW… Here we have a Go Fund Me campaign: https://gofund.me/7fe42686


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