This post comes a little bit late, but we have been crazy busy! However, we wanted to share with you all our successful adoption stories from the last 2 months!

24 dogs left in the month of September!!!

14 dogs left in the month of October!!!

September was a month of emotional goodbyes and happy endings! We were delighted to send off 24 doggies to their FURever homes in the US and Canada.

October was a bit slower, which is normal cause it’s low season, we still had a huge amount of income, which promises a very active month of November (sneak peek…. eww are on the 4th and have sent already 6 doggies!).

Let’s start with September!


Shingo is a very good-looking boy now enjoying his new family and happy life in the US! He stole a few hearts and finally made it close to one of his sisters!

Tiara (now Sophie)

Sophie was escorted home by a lovely family that spoiled her all the way home. It took no time for her to find the perfect match and now she’s happy and living the good dog life!


Halle was waiting in the shelter for a while for a ride to Montreal. When it finally came her time to leave we were sad to see her go, but also super delighted that she was going home! We hope that now she’s enjoying the cooler weather and the happy life she deserves!


Simba went all the way to Minneapolis and he found his human! He will be such a good doggie and a cute one too!!!!


Mitzie made it home to a previous adopter and now is having a fun life with her furry siblings. She was full of spunk and we are sure that hasn’t changed!


Zazu went to a family in the US that has chosen him to be their first dog! He won them with his charms and sweet looks, he may even have learned how to rule the house and who knows what else! He was a smart little boy!

Theo and Daisy

Theo and Daisy were 2 little kittens that made their way to the US to find their new homes! They were lively and fun and while we were sad to see them go, we know they are now safe and loved!

Fat Louis (now Tulum)

Tulum was one of those lucky puppies that are melting hearts from the moment they walk into the shelter (literally!). His new parents were waiting and then they saw him! He was fat and cuddly and so so so cute! They took him home to new siblings and a whole new life! Good job Tulum and congrats to your parents!

Princess (now Precious)

This little girl made her way to Canada! She was soon after adopted and we can only imagine how spoiled she is now!

Rocky, America, Balvin, Remy, Paloma, Willow, and Jayden

These guys made it to Canada with an exceptional escort and an amazing team behind making sure they all were received warmly! They are now either at their furever homes or close to finding their own! And they have the nicest stories… Rocky found his family at daycare when he fell in love madly with a tiny dog. Jayden is living his best life, Willow learned to be a dog again thanks to the amazing care of her foster family, Paloma was so amazing she was adopted by her fosters without a second thought!


Grace melted her new mommy’s heart and there was no going back from there! She had to go home and become her mom’s shadow. Hope she is still as sweet and playful as ever! I mean… look at that little face!


Emi was part of a litter we rescued in May. First, the owners of the mommy wanted her back, now they didn’t want her anymore. Whatever the excuse, she is an amazing puppy, full of love to give, very well-mannered, and incredibly sweet! We were delighted to see her go to Canada with some of the most committed flight angels ever!


Fred made his way to a rescue in the US where we know they have the highest standards and will find him the best possible home! Good luck Fred!

Zara (now Sparty)

Sparty was part of their parent’s wedding here in Isla! Lucky girl, she caught a ride back to them later in the month and now she’s a spoiled Texan baby! Congrats Sparty and family!

Hope Emily and her husband forget me for sharing this pic, but it’s just incredibly beautiful!


Henri made it home to New York and he has a new best friend/mommy that adores him! We couldn’t have hoped for anything else for this little boy!


Osa came from Tulum and she was in our care just for a bit. I don’t think she even made it to the adoptions page! And off she was to the West of the US to live the life she deserves!


Victor stole hearts from day one. Fluffy ears and cute looks! When we tried to find a flight angel for him to make it home we were humbled by three different people offering to come down to get him, no strings attached! He may as well be one of the luckiest doggies ever!

And now… October!

Lucy (now Dani)

Dani’s parents knew they wanted here before even arriving in Mexico! They were just in love with her sleek looks and beautiful eyes! And Dani had no complaints! She seems to still be hanged to her tequila…. she’s Mexican after all!

Paco, Pedro and Cam

These guys must be the luckiest puppies ever! Just as I was starting to worry they may be getting too big to fly, their saviors appear out of nowhere! Their 4 flight angels not only offered to escort them to the US but decided they were going to find them the best homes! And so they did incredibly fast! We couldn’t have imagined a better outcome for these 3 siblings! And they even got to run around a gorgeous house on the island and swim in the pool! How lucky is that?


Bonita went to a family member of one of our vets. It was a local adoption so we may still see her around with her pretty face!

Petter (now Otto)

Otto was adopted by our dear friend David. He was looking for a dog exactly like Otto!!!! David does our T-shirts and we couldn’t say no when he told us he and his wife were in love with Otto! We still see this cute baby around but he soon will be living in Germany!

Drew (now Chiquita)

Chiquita made her way to Canada! And now she is living her life as she always deserved to! She is loved and spoiled and cuddling warmly with her new family!

Snowball (now Froyo)

Froyo’s new parents just fell in love with him! They had him already on the radar and when they came to meet him they knew it was meant to be! And little Froyo knew it too! He left with them and now he is having the best life ever!


Mindy was a very cute girl with the sweetest looks and the most amazing colors. She went to Minneapolis with one of our favorite flight angels and our friends over there will find her the perfect home!!!

Piddles (now Peanut)

Piddles was escorted by amazing flight angels that took care of her for a night when they got home! She got them so smitten I think they miss her a bit! She is now in Chicago ready to find her Furever home!


Lilly was a sweet girl, playful and lively! She came from a hoarding house, and she was part of the group we call “the rowdies”. She is now being loved and cared for and we are absolutely delighted!

Missy and Munich

These siblings made it to the US and our friends there will make sure they find the best possible homes ever! We couldn’t have hoped for better for them and we are delighted to know they are cared for and loved as much as we would!


Little Choripan was a lucky boy!!!! His new parents were in love with another dog in the shelter that was already adopted and they went to say goodbye at the same time I was bringing in Chori and his siblings. It was love at first sight!

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