Summer happy stories of dogs going home!

Happy stories in August!

The summer set in Mexico and it’s been hot! But most of our doggies are headed to colder lands and we are kinda jealous!

August is always a low month, with fewer travelers and fewer visitors! However, we continue to work to get our doggies out to better lives! These are the heartwarming stories of August, and there are a few really touching and special!

Thanks to all adopters and flight angels for making this possible! We couldn’t do it without you!


Jade was the last available puppy from Paloma, a locally owned dog that we took in with her nine puppies! Jade was just beautiful, tiny, with gorgeous eyes and a lovely personality! She made her way to the US and was adopted instantly! No surprise there!


Mila was part of the seven Westies we got from Richard, a local legend that used to walk around with his pack of Westies!

She was a bit hyper, but a previous adopter just fell in love with her and we managed to get her home! She is now adapting and loving life, which I am sure she knows she deserves!


Another Westie, this time he was headed to Minnesota. He has now a best friend and they go together everywhere. We can’t be happier with this adoption! Stevy and Steve and a match made in heaven!


Berry made her way to Denver to be the family dog she was always meant to be! Starting her life abandoned in a box in the street, being loved and cared for is a big change and exactly what we want for our pups!


Brownie stayed in the shelter for a long time, She was the runt of the litter and she had been bitten by an iguana at only 4 days old, then she was sick for a while and we were so in love we just spoiled her rotten, and Tara and her family were ready for everything! They went home and couldn’t stop thinking about this little nugget. So they decided to come back to get her once she was ready to go! And all that patience paid off! Brownie was super healthy and ready to go home and be the awesome dog they deserved!


Dooby, yet another Westie, made his way to Canada. He had a long trip ahead of him but it was super worth it! He now enjoys being a Canadian and surely getting super spoiled!


Nala was one of those puppies people just fall in love with. She met her new family and they wouldn’t let her go! She never even made it to the rescue, just went home and she is now enjoying life with her new human and dog pack!

Pumba + Dogo

Pumba and Dogo were brother of Nala and part of a litter of 10! They made their way together to Portland and got adopted there! Lucky pups!


Frijol had a sad back story, he was abandoned in a patio but he was lucky enough to have someone crossing every day to the mainland to feed him and get him the vet care he needed. We finally got him over to the shelter and we were in love with him! No surprise a lovely couple fell in love with him and moved Heaven and Earth to get him home! They finally changed their flights to an airline that would accept him, and then drove 10h home. We cannot be happier cause that is exactly what he deserves!

Bailey (prev Kiara)

Bailey was in foster and was a classical foster fail! She now lives in Virginia Beach and she is super happy!

Monkey, Cari, Blackie, Baron, Mama Bea, and Vinny

Mexican doggies have a real angel on Sandra Train. She comes and gets them home a whole bunch at a time! In August she took home Monkey, Cari, and Blackie, plus the last three Westies! And we couldn’t be more delighted! Larger dogs are mostly stuck in Mexico due to airlines not allowing checked dogs, and Canada being closed, etc. So, having the chance to send 6 dogs at once was true salvation!


Charlotte was a kitty that decided street life wasn’t for her. She approached our neighbors asking for help after her sister was killed by a dog. We checked her up and she was super healthy! So vaccines, spay, and there she went to Denver, having found her new home where she will be able to cuddle all she wants and never be afraid of the big world outside.

Zito (now Olli)

Zito was a charmer and he melted a few hearts! His fosters called him Mdnihgt and he has lovely shiny black fur! And his new mommy, a previous adopter, couldn’t resist! He is now a Florida baby!!!!

Duke (now Winston)

Winston lives now in Chicago where he is turning heads with his cute looks and awesome personality! We were delighted to know he was going to the best place ever and after an adventure in the flight and unexpected storms, he finally made it home!

Reina (now Remi)

Remi’s mom fell in love with her and by the time she was leaving Reina wasn’t yet ready! She came and met her and they were just a match made in heaven! So we tried really hard to get her an escort and we finally managed to get Reina home! There is goes without saying that is why we call flight angels…. Flight ANGELS!


Taka was as lucky as puppies get! Her new family fell in love and tried the impossible to get her home! They decided to come down to get her, all the way from Vancouver to Cancun just for one night and to get Taka and go home. Really?! That’s amazing! We know Taka will be worth it!


Onyx was initially destined to go to Canada… as with most larger dogs, she didn’t fit carry on and was hard to find other options for her… Then Karen and Eduardo came by and she knew! She chose them! And they couldn’t go back home to Cancun without her!

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