The precarious reality of Isla Animals

If you have been following us, you may know about the EVICTION from our beloved shelter. It’s been over a month and we have been working 24/7 to set up our storage place as a very temporary location to hold our dogs and have them visible to visitors, volunteers, and potential adopters. 

This was never a solution. This is merely a TEMPORARY situation we found ourselves in. And while not ideal, was something, a shimmer of hope. 

We have just been informed our landlady is not happy with this new temporary reality of Isla Animals. There is no point in discussing reasons as they are not in any way logical. We are so disappointed to constantly have to fight with those who don’t care and even those who say they care. I guess it’s true, who’s standing with you when the storm starts?

But that’s ok. We have been hit again and again on this road and we have nothing left but our strength and convictions. We KNOW what a massive difference we can make in the lives of thousands of dogs. We KNOW we have the power to make a difference cause we have proven it again and again. 

But we are left with very little support, even less time now, and a constant deadline to Isla Animals as an association… we just need the TIME and FUNDS to build our shelter, independent of government politics and the irrational whims of people that have, sadly, the power to make Isla Animals die. 

We are FIGHTING. Constantly. We have sacrificed everything in the last 5 weeks to make sure the torch we carry doesn’t die. Being punched in the gut daily, it hurts, it also has confirmed now more than ever, what we need to do is build our own shelter. We need safety for our animals, a place where they can be loved, cared for, an environment to get healthy and find their forever homes. 

Stay with us. Lend us a paw if possible. Help us keep helping those that have nobody else.

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