November 11, 2017

I love our spay days. These pictures tell it all. Arturo did 5 spays and neuters, many consults and treated one dog for a tumor which Isla Animals is sponsoring. Anna just loves all the dogs, she has sunshine who has skin problems and needs extra TLC. Marcelino who helps Arturo where ever he can. And then the families who come in for help, to visit or to adopt. This is what we are here for, thank you for your donations that make this possible!

November 9, 2017

Big day for my babes Macy and Major. They’ve been staying with me because they were in such bad shape but they’re so much better and today is spay and neuter day for them. Below are the before and afters. They really are a miracle.

November 7, 2017


We’ve started a GoFundMe page. We tried a different venue and raised $2,000.00 but we need $15,000.00. That is $30.00 an animal and we want to do 500.

To all you wonderful people who have donated – your support is going towards the same clinic and has been subtracted from what we need. These clinics are essential and we love doing them. Please share this new site. There’s a lot of information on the GoFundMe page, you can see what we’re doing. This will be our 5th annual clinic and we’re making a difference.

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