November 18, 2017

Things always seem to happen at once. Like a lot of puppies coming in. I got a litter a few days ago that need so much help. The thought of these five pups getting this low is too sad and this is after my friend, who did a great job, has already been taking care of them. And this picture is one of the best ones. We’re going to do everything we can. Cross your fingers. This is what we’re trying to prevent when we do our spay and neuter clinics.

November 15, 2017

Look what I got yesterday. A litter of six one month old pups. They were found in the street by rescue friends of mine and I’m so happy to have them. Everything looks good so far, but they told me the mother was in bad shape. They have her now and will spay her and put some meat on her bones. I’m hoping for a picture, they said the mom was about 22lbs but needs to gain weight. Thank you so much to Barb and Molly who are both so generous and supportive. And thank you to Lori for setting up a monthly donations, as I always say, it makes my day to get a new one.

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