November 29, 2017

In the last two weeks we’ve taken in two sets of puppies and they’re doing really well. Yesterday we moved them into foster while we’re doing our 5 day spay and neuter campaign in Rancho Viejo. The five with the horrible skin are growing hair like crazy. We’ve been loading them up with fish oils and vitamins. When they came in they looked like the Mexican hairless dogs called – (Xoloitzcuintlis) – pronounced shotosquinkly. But now they’re covered with soft new fur, it growing in spurts but it’s growing. Friday is the first day of our clinic, we’re so excited and rolling up our sleeves.

November 29, 2017

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November 27, 2017

We had a great spay day last Thursday. We did 9 dogs and one cat. We also said good bye to our Gizmo, one of the last two of our Guat pups. He went to a wonderful – loving home. After that we had to take turns holding his littermate, little Fancy, she’s just not used to being alone. We did find her some friends to sleep with last night. Those pups were amazing. We took in four, three survived but it took forever for them to get better and they are finally ready and have loving home. Fancy’s going out in December. Thank you Joe, Marlena, Gary and Danielle for all the wonderful donation’s and thank you Rebecca for the clippers, we really need those at big clinics and thank you Sully’s Irish Pub for setting up a monthly donation, those mean everything to us.

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