Thursday Clinic: free sterilization of dogs and cats

It’s Thursday again, and unlike any other day on Isla Mujeres, Thursday imposes a steady routine. It’s just before 10 am, time to head to the clinic and start what usually is a busy and long day.

It’s 9.50, people are already lining in outside. Some have dogs on leashes, some have them with ropes. I can see some cats in carriers, others in bags poking their little heads out.

It promises to be an exciting day at the clinic today!

It’s time to start with the check-ins. We are doing most of the work outside to respect Covid regulations. Honestly, it makes it all more organized. So they all get check-in papers and pens, they are sitting on the steps, a meter away from each other. They are all wearing masks, but I can see them smiling.

People come one by one with their pets. We weigh them and tag them. Next one!

The team working on Thursdays is fantastic! We have Carmen who is great at prepping the medicine and getting the cats and dogs ready for surgery. We know the cats and oggies are in good hands. Can you tell?

We also have Jeanette, our do-everything girl without whom we’d be lost! And we have awesome helpers and volunteers that come give a hand with picking ticks, cutting nails, or preparing lunch, and making it all easier and faster.

And if we are lucky we also get Alison to come give us a hand, always a pleasure to have her around!

Everything is working as a well-oiled machine!

And, of course, we have to mention our vet team, which is absolutely great. Nothing would be possible without Arturo… We are so lucky to have him!

The day goes by without incidents. All dogs get fixed, and we take care of them until they wake up, we make sure everyone is breathing and calm, and in the right place.

Soon, their owners start showing up to pick up their pets. They have questions and seem glad to see their dogs and cats again. It’s sweet to see people loving their pets so much.

Everyone involved in this clinic works so hard to improve week by week, to make it more organized and more efficient. They all shoud feel so proud!

FREE Esterilization Clinic

every Thursday

on “Island Animals” on Rueda Medina

next to Hotel el Milagro.

Bring your dog or cat at 10am, please don’t feed them that morning.

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