What is coming in 2024?

The year started without a second to breathe! We had some sick puppies and it kept us busy…. And we also made some big decisions regarding Oasis (we’ll share soon!!!)… Things are moving along and we are not stopping!

As you can imagine, the main goal of 2024 is to settle in Isla Animals Oasis… the current limitations of the space we are using as temporary shelter are driving us crazy. We need the space, we need our supplies that have been sitting in a friend’s garage for months, we need to set up our surgery room, and have the space to isolate animals safely. 

Last year in January we had about 80 dogs… we sent out over 70 between Jan and Feb, this is the most active part of the year and we do not have the space for that many anymore… We currently have just over 30 dogs in 6 different locations… We know this is temporary, cause it is not a sustainable way to run things… So… Isla Animals OASIS is a big priority for this year…

But what is exciting is the many doors that Isla Animals OASIS opens… not only we will be able to house more animals, hopefully including cats, but we will also have our dogs, team, and supplies on-site! We can reduce some of our big expenses (mainly rent, bills, and transportation) and allocate more funds to the animals, we can do a looooot more spaying and neutering, going back to the foundation that Alison set up for Isla Animals… We can also design a volunteering program for people to have a “dog rescue holiday/volunteering experience”… we won’t have to fight constantly to keep our place… Our energy and time can be so much better used! Even little things like taking a dog to the airport… It will only take us 30 min instead of 4 to 5 hours! 

We always aim to do more, to rescue more, to sterilize more, to be more effective and learn more, to always care for our animals in the best possible way… and we have been lost in the never-ending logistics of being on Isla because it was easy… Isla Animals OASIS was NOT the easy choice… the easy choice was to give up and move on with our lives… but we just couldn’t do that! So, we chose Isla Animals OASIS, a lot more work… a lot more “unknown”… not only to keep going but to do a lot more! 

Thank you for joining us on this journey… a new chapter is starting very soon…. Stay tuned!

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